Encountering Jesus in Hong Kong

“It’s really a tough job to work as a domestic helper. But you know it’ll be good if you know the Lord promised wherever we are He will always be with us. I have confidence that the Lord is always by my side so it really helps. Having Him is really a great blessing.” Said Nenice.

Being miles away from their homeland, seldom do these foreign domestic helpers have a chance to spend time with their family, not to mention to witness the growth of their children. These Filipinos have come to Hong Kong to earn a living. Their journey was full of challenges. But little did they know that it was a path to blessings – they came to know God in Hong Kong.

Eva’ also mentioned that she believed in God when she was in the Philippines, but she had no deep relationship with Jesus. Eva’s cousin brought her to join the English Fellowship in The Church of God in Hong Kong.At first, she felt bored. Soon afterward, Chinese sisters take care of her and they encouraged her to read the Bible and to draw near to God and how to enjoy His presence. Gradually, her understanding is opened. Whenever she has her Sunday off, she goes with them and she enjoy the family life, she feels the love and care.

Nenice’s feeling was so different from before. In the past, she only knew Jesus was God, but when she came to know Him in Hong Kong, she realized that He loves her so much and to the point that He gave himself for her. Especially when trouble comes, she pours out her heart before Him for relief. She can really experience His care and protection upon Him.

Learning the Ukulele

You may see a lot of Filipinos singing on the street. But you may not have seen them carrying a ukulele. Co-organized by the Church of God in Hong Kong, Light and Love Home, and Sing through the Land Music Centre, “Miracle of Music” Program organizes free-of-charge courses for people from different walks of life in Hong Kong to learn how to play this musical instrument. Now, these Filipinos also have a part to enjoy playing ukulele with us.

Eva loves singing and she has a desire to learn how to play the ukulele. Even though Eva was nervous and her fingers were painful, she continues playing the ukulele, gradually she could learn.

Nenice did have difficulty strumming the ukulele because this was her very first time to hold a musical instrument. At the first ukulele assessment, Nenice failed and she went home with a heavy heart, she even cried as she really wanted to join the event. Despite her failure did not let her give up, instead, she tried to find ways to improve and to help myself play the ukulele better.

Our Next Event

On 1st January 2017, 6,125 people came together to play the ukulele. They had successfully broken the Guinness World Record for the largest ukulele ensemble! Don’t hesitate to join us on our next event on 13th August. Our goal this time is to break the existing world record by 10,000 participants.

Both Eva and Nenice would like to invite their Facebook friends to come and join Miracle of Music. It’ll be exciting because Filipinos love music and they hope that through the event they can prove their passion towards music.

Come and join them on August 13th.

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